Parenting is hard, but it's even harder when you feel alone and have only the sounds of Cocomelon to keep you company. Betches Media’s Childproof is a parenting chat show for when you’re craving adult conversation. As parents to three kids each, co-hosts Gwenna Laithland and Tori Phantom have been there. They know that sometimes our kids are the ones on the verge of a tantrum, and that sometimes it’s us.

Childproof attempts to figure out the dos, don’ts, and f*ck its of modern parenthood. From yelling at your kids (we’ve all done it) to finding a sleep schedule that doesn’t ruin your life, Gwenna and Tori share the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned, and are eager to share their experiences through a mix of one-on-one conversations, guest appearances, and input from listeners revealing their own parenting secrets. Clearly, we could use some help from everyone… and their mother.

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Stop When You Get To Three "No"s

Congratulations, you've reached your podcast listening milestone. In this episode, Gwenna and Tori dive into the long list of developmental milestones that your kids are expected to meet. They offer reassurance to listeners, acknowledging the immense pressure felt by parents and emphasizing that you don't need to feel guilty if your children deviate from the list. However, they recount their own encounters with detecting early signs of developmental delays, shedding light on potential implications. CDC’s Developmental Milestones:

Pop-Tart Funeral

Don't cry, we're back with another episode! This week, Gwenna and Tori chat a little more about how to help your kids, help you, help them identify their emotions. They start off detailing the unique paths they take to get to the same result, avoiding a meltdown. They share how they introduce their kids to disappointment, stop a tantrums once they start, and how to avoid them in the future.

Valentines: The School Made Me Do It

Happy Valentine's Day! On this episode, Gwenna and Tori air out their grievances about celebrating the day of love. They share what their favorite Valentine's gifts are and which ones get shuffled around the house for a couples days (or months). Then, they introduce a new segment highlighting a listener email who asks how to handle a pre-teen who "doesn't know".

The Hosts

Tori Phantom
Tori Phantom grew up in upstate New York. When they became a mom, they decided to do better by their kids than their parents had done by them. Tori moved to Kentucky in 2017 with their partner and three kids. In 2020, they decided to post a fun little cooking video to pass the pandemic time. Shortly thereafter, they began discussing their gentle and responsive approach to parenting and haven’t stopped. From letting their kid lock their bedroom door to handling meltdowns with compassion and empathy, Tori’s shared experiences have helped shape the parenting dynamic of hundreds of thousands of families across the globe.
Gwenna Laithland
Gwenna got her start as a writer at the age of 18. She branched out into content marketing soon after and has worked with museums, professional sports teams, accounting firms, and universities to help refine their content. When she became a mom in 2008, she noticed a very distinct lack of parenting resources that resonated with her. It would take two more kids and more than a decade to do something about that. She started Momma Cusses in 2019 in hopes of normalzing modern motherhood and giving moms a place to connect and feel less alone. Gwenna currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband, her crop of three wombfruit, and two very spoiled dogs.