Call Waiting

Call Waiting
When the drama is just too long to text, comedian Robyn Schall is here to take your call. In Betches Media’s new podcast, Call Waiting, Robyn is opening up her personal line to real listeners looking for advice, commiseration, or just someone to bitch to. From embarrassing stories to relationship guidance to moral support over gradually becoming your mother, no topic is off-limits for Robyn. With the support of her *wild* family (including her brother, also known as “Security”) and a few famous friends, Robyn is bringing you into her inner circle — and into some good old sh*t- talking sessions. Hold on, I’m getting another call…

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Robyn’s Valentine’s Day Special (With A Big Announcement!)

Welcome to Robyn’s Valentine’s Day special! Nothing says true love like deep dark secrets. Today we open the lines to hear the secrets your partners never found out. Will that change after this episode? We have a TOP secret confession from one of your favorite friends you don’t want to miss. Robyn also has a very big announcement to share with you. Listen in to find out.

Sweet Revenge Is On The Line

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, candy is everywhere you look. But we all know nothing is sweeter than revenge. On today’s episode Robyn reads your letters about getting revenge. Listen in for stories about mean girls, old flames, busted bullies, misplaced desserts, and more! Plus, was all of this revenge deserved? You decide.

End Segments Are On The Line

Alright, kids. You asked for it. Today’s episode is a non-stop end segment with Security! Tune in for games, trivia, surprise guests, and more. Robyn may be doubtful, but we think this episode is a blast. Tell us what you think.

The Host

Robyn Schall
Based on her popular segments on social media (and 1 million+ followers across TikTok and IG), comedian and digital star Robyn Schall has an uncanny ability to connect with her followers and make them feel like they’re her best friends. From her followers to her crazy family and famous friends (Jennifer Garner and Christina Applegate, among many others) to her wacky comedian pals, Robyn’s listeners always feel like they’re a part of her inner circle.