Call Waiting

Call Waiting
When the drama is just too long to text, comedian Robyn Schall is here to take your call. In Betches Media’s new podcast, Call Waiting, Robyn is opening up her personal line to real listeners looking for advice, commiseration, or just someone to bitch to. From embarrassing stories to relationship guidance to moral support over gradually becoming your mother, no topic is off-limits for Robyn. With the support of her *wild* family (including her brother, also known as “Security”) and a few famous friends, Robyn is bringing you into her inner circle — and into some good old sh*t- talking sessions. Hold on, I’m getting another call…

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Humiliation Is On The Line Ft. Danielle Cabral (RHNJ)

How embarrassing... for you! This week, Robyn is opening up the lines to hear about your most humiliating moments. She starts off with an outgoing call to her online BFF, Danielle Cabral, who spills her best (and most embarrassing) moments on the show. After that, it’s time to open the lines, and the first caller is our first-ever international call, which is followed by an accident at Kohl’s and doctors seeing your unmentionables. To close, Robyn reveals that she reached out to men who have ghosted her to ask why they ran away... literally. Be sure to call in every Monday to talk to Robyn live on the show. Dial: (720) 727-6296 And follow @robynschallcomic on TikTok and Instagram to find out next week’s topic!

Lies Are On The Line

Wait... Santa's not real?! Robyn is back with another episode, this time about all those lies we were told as kids only to find out they were totally, unequivocally false. She opens the lines and first up is treated to not only one, but two (!) stories involving pet turtles! We also hear from a few more listeners with some enthralling stories about family drama that was swept under the rug for years and years. To end the show, Robyn and Security take a trip down memory lane right back to their childhood with a fun game of Mad Libs that yields some... interesting results.

Celebrity Crushes Are On The Line

This week, Robyn kicks off the episode with some big news about an upcoming show that will be a landmark moment you won’t wanna miss! Then, to commemorate this momentous occasion, she shares a stand-up horror story involving… horses? After that it’s time to open up the lines, and first up we get hear from three amazing comedians: Regina Decicco, Megan Hanley, and Leah Bonnema. They each share their own stand-up horror stories before spilling the beans on their celebrity crushes. Then it’s time to hear from a few listeners about their celebrity crushes, and some wild stories about their loves. Be sure to call in every Monday to talk to Robyn live on the show. Dial: (720) 727-6296 And follow @robynschallcomic on TikTok and Instagram to find out next week’s topic!

The Hosts

Robyn Schall
Based on her popular segments on social media (and 1 million+ followers across TikTok and IG), comedian and digital star Robyn Schall has an uncanny ability to connect with her followers and make them feel like they’re her best friends. From her followers to her crazy family and famous friends (Jennifer Garner and Christina Applegate, among many others) to her wacky comedian pals, Robyn’s listeners always feel like they’re a part of her inner circle.