PLL Recap: SPenncer Goes to Her First Party

After watching last night's captivating episode of PLL we came to a few conclusions, the first being that these Rosewood kids sure know how to party. Truth or dare at a rager with unnecessarily large stamps!? Can I play? No but really, only these girls can turn a game of truth or dare into a police investigation.

Our other conclusions are as follows: Hanna's mom is in dire need of a lay, Cece's nose definitely bothers me more than it does her, and we have no doubt that Hanna and Caleb go to the same hair salon except Caleb almost always chooses to forgo the shampooing.


This is ABC Family so clearly Aria is totally chill that her boyfriend knocked someone up in highschool yet utterly SHOCKED that the girl had an abortion.

Aria is so hardcore…STAMP ME….BEER ME.

Ezra's brother can totally stick his Fitz in me.

But what kind of names are Ezra and Wesley? Do the Fitz-gerald's think they're living in a Jane Austen mini novella? More importantly, how has Ez gone so long with out his tea and crumpets!?



“I can't keep running around hacking into websites and looking for clues. I forgot to apply to college.” That's what happens when you're a member of Nancy Drew Sluts Anonymous.

It's really amusing to watch Spencer look so happy after she received her shady acceptance email from Penn because she didn't even seem the least bit suspicious. Like you gave a dirty application to some lying bitch who supposedly gave it to a no-last-name creep named Steve and miraculously got accepted the next day…YET you think you and everyone you love is about to be brutally murdered anytime you receive a text that says, “hey sup.”

Where are my video tapes? WHERE IS ALI'S BODY!? This is like a really uplifting party.

But wherever did you buy those sheer white thigh highs Spence? Party City?

One thing is for sure though, Nana was right, sideburns are an affront to all upbringings.

emily hanna“Are you fucking kidding me with that top, Em?”


Em, just because you're a giant lesbian doesn't mean you have to go to school looking like a lumberjack.

Stop crying at your computer screen and then touching it, you weirdo.

When you were hanging out with Paige in your bed the whole time I just wanted you to be like, yo Bruce, quit touching my feet.


Every episode someone's mom has got it going on but this week it wasn't yours Hanzybitch. She had the house all to herself yet couldn't even manage to get it in, not even church style.

When Caleb proclaimed he was A, I was like, nuh uh, this isn't the summer finale #betrAyal !!


CeCe needs some acting lessons, her emotional range is non existent.

If you went to Penn, why do work at a small town boutique?

Jenna is dating Noel? She's for sure way hotter without her glasses but we still can't shake the fact that she looks like she's of menopausal age.


FrAnkly, we're getting tired of these little clues at the end of each episode mostly because they're really boring. Do something exciting like order Japanese gelato or slowly hang up black and white pictures of your fellow cast members on assorted walls. Checking into a hotel and chatting up a cat lady does not a cliffhanger make! But like, how does she keep getting away with frolicking through the streets of Rosewood dressed like a meth lab chemist?


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