PLL Recap: Olly Olly Oxen Floser

Things I understood more than last night's ep of PLL:

– Organic Chemistry
– Obamacare
– Plot of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

We already accepted that this whole “A” conspiracy/baby-terrorist group would never happen. Fine. But we expect that the rest of the shit to follow would be somewhat in line with its level of absurdity. But last night the episode was like regular PLL but on crack, while suffering from heat stroke…after a lobotomy. To quote T Swift, NEVER would Spencer Hastings be admitted to a juvenile detention center, like ever. If a girl is found disoriented and unresponsive in the middle of the woods, the first place she would go is the hospital. Not a psych ward or juvie, no matter how bad her hair looks that day. Especially not in a town like Rosewood where Spencer and her 3 friends are as famous as Alex Neiers and her sisters. Wait, bad example.


Is it me or does Mona have a big lesbian crush on all these girls?

Why does A always have to wear their black hoodie and gloves when she/he is alone just drivin' around? Doesn't she ever wash that thing? Gross.

This van is seriously ghetto. You know that because it has one of those Mother Mary things hanging from the rearview mirror. A should invest less money in fancy wreaths and bobble heads and more like, a Prius or something.



Did Hanna just get a snapchat from A? Either way that pic was mad blurry A should use a better insta filter.

Hanna's Mom: Ugh I really wish these were pretzels.
Hanna: Just put some salt on it

Hanna is really good at #129 making shit up: “Nothing works under water, it's a scientific fact.”

WILDEN's ALIVE!! And he wants his pink shirt car back.


In what world would a school re-hire a teacher who was having sex with a sixteen year old student!?

Remember when you thought your pedophile-looking dad was going to kill you?

“Maybe spencer just didn't get our SOS” Or maybe she didn't understand what SOS meant because it's not 1912  and she wasn't on the fucking Titanic.


This Missy Franklin cameo was weird. Would you rather: be a 4-time olympic gold medalist, have a cameo on PLL, or have Missy's “Rumer Willis” chin?

Why does Dr. Sullivan know Emily and all her friends' secrets? It's like, you're an adult, stop hanging out with high schoolers.



What does it say about you when you go missing for a night and the first place your best friends think to look is the bookstore. Hello..LOSER.

Are there no hair brushes in the psych ward? Because she desperately needs one. That and a tanning bed.

Spencer's Saturday nights were probalby already spent playing Solitaire by herself.

Dr. Sullivan: “Spencer I know you took a lot into that forrest with you…” She's acting as if Spencer is Ralph from Lord of the Flies.

“You want tapioca or vanilla?” God Spencer being in a mental institution is no excuse to fucking eat.

Mona's desk has “will the circle be unbroken” carved on it? I guess that's better than a dicktation?

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