PLL Recap: Crazy Stupid Spencer

So this episode was really fucking weird. Like, yeah every episode is weird, but this one was like kind of mind boggling. Many things happened in this ep except that like, nothing really actually happened. Spencer consulted her PI for relationship advice, Emily hired a really shitty therapist, and Aria can't reach Ezra obvi because wherever his bastard lives there isn't any phone reception. Finally, Ezra's bro is back for some reason and we're assuming it's to make us question whether or not we would rob the cradle. Also, A speaks french.


They make Spencer look bat shit by not giving her eye makeup. Well maybe if every fucking girl didn't come to school like it was Rosewood Fashion Week then she wouldn't look like a homeless person

Does anyone think that Spencer is gonna end up fucking her private investigator?
Never once have the criminals he follows bought hydrangeas? Well it sounds like the murderers and rapists have better taste than Toby

If Spencer is so rich than why does her room look like an IKEA commercial?

No joke #PoorSpencer is trending



Throughout this episode Aria's outfits make her look like a piece of furniture. Scratch that, she's dressed like a dialogues hot girl in the main crew of a Step Up movie.

Wes, who the fuck types on a typewriter? I've made 3 mistakes typing this sentence.


Overalls? Flannels? Really Hanna? You went to a lesbian bar ONE TIME. You could be a farmer in those clothes.

Was it me or did Baby Caleb seem oddly white to be Big Caleb. That would actually be a good Navaho name for him. Big Caleb Confused Who Dad Is. Paint with all colors of the wind. Need naircut now.

Did Caleb call Hanna Oprah because they both have fluctuating weight problems?


Emily: Everyone tells me I'm some kind of hero. I have literally never heard anyone say that.

I really loved it when this new plot twist revealed that Emily killed Allison..but then like 5 minutes later Emily's like jk lol lol.


1. These girls are more delusional then Season 1 Camille Grammer

2. Ali is such a betch that she gets two funerals

3. A drinks whiskey, so I'm guessing she's is a lesbian or my grandpa Seymour


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