Pizza Camp Now Exists And We’re All Going

Growing up, sleepaway camp was a rite of passage for young betches. You didn’t have annoying parents around, you and your camp clique strutted around the woods like fucking Gigi and Kendall, you went to second base with cutest boy camper you could find. It was amaze. Well now there’s an adult version, and no it’s not an orgy—it’s pizza camp! This is not a drill.

At first I kinda wondered how this was any different from a Saturday night at my apartment because some might describe that as a pizza camp in and of itself. But this is different. This pizza camp has an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, beer and a performance by a band that just sings songs about pizza. LOL, the fact that that’s even a thing is beyond. The only downsides are that there are some camp-like physical activities, ugh. And that it’s in Minnesota. Sorry, Minnesotans. Your state just isn’t exactly on my bucket list. But IDGAF because it’s pizza camp. Count me in.


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