Pippa Middleton is Engaged, Wedding Will Not Be As Good As Royal One

You heard us, the sister of some rando princess is engaged to be married to her boyfriend. Honestly we didn't even really know she had a boyfriend, let alone that his name was Nico Jackson (hopefully not of the 'Jackson 5' Jacksons). Yet they've been dating for 15 months and he is, surprise, an investment banker. Because if you can't snag royalty that's obviously the next best thing.

Our biggest question is obviously over her maid of honor. Will it be Kate? Is it against royal protocol for the future queen to carry someone else's train? Will Prince George be the flower child? It just seems wrong for Kate and William to attend an event and not have their hairstyles be the main attractions. But most importantly, will the revolution marriage be televised?

Source: New York Daily News


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