Photoshop Fail Of The Week: Oh No Nene, What Is You Doin?

Celebrities and Facetune are the new bread and butter, or peanut butter and jelly, of thirst traps and daddy issues. They just seem to go together in every situation. However, when done correctly, most celeb Facetune jobs are pretty undetectable, unless you’re a crazy person like me and dissect it to find the problems. Celebs will fix things like lighting, highlight the eyes, hair flyaways, acne, etc. Some of the more extreme ones edit their bodies and make themselves look thinner or more fit. But there are a select few that use Facetune to make themselves look like Michael Jackson, and then they go, “Yes, this is amazing. Let’s do more of this.”


So, Nene Leakes is really into Facetune. We know this. But I’m super confused as to what’s going on here, because she seems to have gone from “mild celeb Facetune” to “Queen of Facetune”, in which she consistently gives herself THE WORKS on the app. She is so airbrushed she looks like a watercolor painting. Her eyes take up half her face. And she is just really feeling this look. She keeps posting like A LOT of selfies and every single one looks like this:



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Whenever @kingtroi is in town, he’s forever taking pics of me

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Likeee… that nose is vaguely familiar. But it’s definitely not Nene’s.
The Facetune plastic surgery jobs just make this photo look nothing like her IRL. I’m not sure why she bothers. I also never understand why people just insanely airbrush/blur their faces so they basically don’t have a nose anymore and are like, “yes perfect, flawless.” No bitch, you’re just blurry. Let’s compare this photo to what Nene looks like in actual life:
Okay, on the short list: she’s completely blurred, her eyes are enlarged, she gave herself an entirely different nose, she shaved her jawline down (P.S., she also made it crooked by shaving more on the right), her entire face is elongated, her eye shape is totally different, and in an attempt to make herself glowy, she’s completely whitewashed her skin tone. Can we not.


Here’s the thing. Your eyes, your nose, your lips, face shape, etc. are what you makes you look like you. It’s like when I get requests from people to draw them and they start making changes: “can you make this feature smaller, make my jaw more defined,” etc. I really can’t, because if I do that, the picture won’t look like you. The same thing goes for editing. Enhancing your look is very different than just you know, creating an entirely new person. Nene is always soooo confident, so it just really surprises me that she likes to demolish her own face to have scary generic features.


Nene apparently thinks women need to look more like this:
Barbie is the definition of generic (white) female features. Nene, we follow you on Instagram because we want to see photos of you, not this creepy droid you’ve created. You look like a monster clone created by the Illuminati. If it wasn’t for these event pictures with your real face, I’d be worried they kidnapped you and you’re trapped somewhere with the real Kylie Jenner.


In other news, Cole Sprouse wanted to clear his name with his Facetune use. He clarified that he never uses Facetune and this is just who he is with a string of photos:



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Lol i can’t even with him plus these comments make this better lol [ Source: @colesprouse ] #colesprouse

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Thanks for doing the Lord’s work, Cole. (Weirdly enough, all of his edits are legit exactly what Nene seems to do to herself but seriously.)


Is there a more egregious celebrity Facetune Queen than Nene lately? Who are the worst photo manipulators that you follow? Let me know in the comments!


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