Photoshop Fail Of The Week: NeNe, You Okay?

This week’s Photoshop Fail features one of my favorite Housewives of all time. It’s Miss NeNe Leakes, LEGEND. To be fair, I am actually currently bingeing Real Housewives of Atlanta for the first time and I’m only on season 5. So like, there is a huge chance that she becomes horrible and I will grow to somehow despise her. I get that this is how reality TV works typically. But like, I knew who she was before I even knew she was a Housewife. She has definitely made a name for herself outside of Bravo. She is also so fabulous and she has the absolute best GIFs and even better advice.

However, in following her, I realized that she also has a major problem with Facetune. And by problem, I mean, she sucks at it, and by sucks at it, I mean, she doesn’t know what humans are supposed to look like. It’s okay, NeNe, most celebrities don’t either. That is the one thing I truly learned from writing these articles—that, and that absolutely no one has their original nose. So I don’t know what NeNe’s going through lately, but she’s been posting a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And a lot of them are bathing suit pics. Like these:

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The Leakes pool

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Pool time at the Leakes

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All of these photos have basically the same problems, so I’m just going to pick the last one to analyze for you guys.

I will say that she looks awesome and these photos don’t seem to be so severely edited, but I’m pretty disappointed in a woman who has always owned her body and her size posting all these edited photos. It’s like, do you think women should feel good about their bodies or not? Which is it? By editing yourself, you uphold the toxic standard for women everywhere. I’d expect more from one of the Talls.

^What happened to this, NeNe?

Also. Literally every photo of her face is soooo edited/airbrushed poorly that not only does it really look nothing like her, but also she looks like this:

Like really, is her face just painted on? I’m sure your makeup is flawless, but just put down the Facetune, please. It’s scary.

So with this photo:

It’s not as bad face-wise as the first one, where her face is so blurred and she even has this weird halo from trying to blend out flyaway hairs. But the body here is definitely the worst edit (although all are bad). In this photo, the true problems come from what I’ll refer to as The Bermuda Triangle Of Fail.

But also I guess it’s more of a square. Or like a diamond.

Where to begin? The entire thing is a complete mess of the blur tool and smudging in an effort to look thinner. Even the pool is warped. It’s created a whole bunch of very blurry bulges everywhere. If this is what NeNe looked like IRL, I’d like, “hey you should probs see a doctor because you are just RIDDLED WITH TUMORS.”

I mean, what??? It’s even on her thigh.

And look at that crooked pool! What kind of architecture is this? What’s the point of posting your body if it’s not even your body? Can’t we just be happy with ourselves, people? NeNe, as a Tall, I expect you to own and be proud of your body. Delete the Facetune app, we’re begging you.

Oh, and also? In regards to last week’s Tamra fail? I absolutely died laughing when you guys pointed out that somehow Tamra has been given two elbows in the new promo.

It totally looks like it! However, upon closer inspection:

THIS is Tamra’s real elbow. The second one is actually just the underside of the flap from her jumpsuit. I assure you, no one was more disappointed than I was to realize there was not another Photoshop Fail.

I’m super proud to bring you another week of doing the Lord’s work. LMK your favorite fails from this week pleaseeee!

Images: Giphy (4); Instagram (@neneleakes) (3); Instagram (@tamrajudge)