Photoshop Fail Of The Week: Check Your Backgrounds

We love Cardi B for many reasons: she’s badass, empowering, and no-bullsh*t. She is unapologetically herself and challenges the music industry’s male vs. female standards. I also really appreciate how honest and real she is about her life, whether it’s her past career as a stripper, or the amount of work she’s had done. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery, but if you get it, especially as a role model in the industry, at least cop to it (*cough cough* Kardashians). However, you’d think a woman that has everything in the world—money, fame, power, youth, beauty—wouldn’t be insecure. Right? You would think. But the truth is we all have insecurities, and Cardi is no exception. That said, it really annoys me when someone acts like they’re so body positive and pro all body types and then does sh*t like this:

Hey girl. Nice hourglass figure. Cute outfit. Love the hair. Quick question, though. What’s going on with those curtains?

It’s just so weird, guys. Cardi found curtains that are in the exact same pattern as her body! She posed in front of them so perfectly. What a genius, curative move! And what a coincidence!

You know, it’s either that, or Cardi very poorly Facetuned her body. She pushed in her waist and thighs to make them look smaller. The lines of the curtains match up perfectly with her new, fake curves. If you guys are going to do this kind of editing, please check your backgrounds. It’s just sloppy.

Even better, maybe just get over yourself, be proud of your body, and don’t Facetune? Cardi has an insane body, regardless if it was purchased, so I honestly do not understand why she Facetunes herself. What is good enough for you people? I doubt she even changed that much; I’m sure the original photo was amazing. And in her haphazard editing, she also blurred and accidentally cut chunks off of parts of her body. Her waist is also blurred. I mean, what’s going on with that pointy side knee?

Cardi, we love you, but it really hurts to see you give in to societal pressure and make your body look thinner. There are so many people who look up to you, and Facetuning to be “perfect” tells all of us that our bodies aren’t good enough, either. I’m so over seeing this, guys. I can’t wait for Facetune to stop being trendy and for people to own their bodies.

This gives me trust issues. It’s also weird to me that a public figure who is constantly performing does this, because girl? We know what your body looks like. You don’t need to pretend to be super thin and look like an actual hourglass for your fans.

I don’t know about you guys, but it really makes me like a celebrity (or real person) a lot less if I know they’re doing this kind of stuff to their pictures. Especially such a strong female icon. It’s way cooler to put your real body, with curves, cellulite, acne, whatever, and own it. Do you agree? Does anyone like these edited pics? Do you edit your body in your posts? LMK!

Images: Instagram (@iamcardib); Giphy (1)

Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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