Peyton Manning Discovers The Munchies In Colorado

Peyton Manning wants to thank you for smoking pot. For some bizarre reason, Peyton bought a bunch of Papa John's franchises when he moved to Colorado. I'm assuming it was because he's had so many concussions he no longer knew the alphabet. Well the pizza business is booming in Colorado because if you're not smoking you're most definitely getting a contact high and are constantly hungry. Peyton described this phenomenon as, “There's some different laws out here in Colorado. Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes. So when you come to a different place, you've kind of got to learn everything that comes with it.” It's legalized marijuana not fucking rocket science. Thanks for dropping this truth bomb on us Peyton. Without you we never would've known that the munchies were, in fact, a thing.

Source: eOnline


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