This Photo Could Prove Peter Is On 'The Bachelorette' For The Wrong Reasons

Every lady’s favorite gap-toothed Bachelorette front-runner basically always knew he was going to be part of The Bachelor franchise.

Someone emailed TMZ Peter Kraus’ high school yearbook photo. Yes, it’s cringey. Yes, every girl who shut him down in high school probably was not expecting him to glow up into the ab-touting personal trainer/reality hunk he now is.

In the yearbook, his only activity listed is football, which he played all four years. It’s not his ridiculously short list of extracurriculars (which would never cut it in today’s competitive world of college admissions btw), but his “future plans” that have us raising an eyebrow.

Peter said his future plans were to: “Go to art school, become famous in one way or another, be on The Bachelor, live happily.”

Oh Shit

If that’s not some “fulfilling your own destiny” out of The Secret type shit, I don’t know what is. Peter is probs totally used to inspiring his clients to lose weight through his personal training business, so it makes sense that he would have a long history of being #inspirational. Either that or he just went on The Bachelorette to cross something off of his weird high school bucket list. Hmm…


I mean, this was 2005, so it’s not like people had Pinterest to turn to when they wanted some Monday Motivation. I guess that’s what yearbooks were for back then. And here I thought they were just to remind you who got fat after high school.

Let us not forget Peter’s senior quote was “Don’t forget Destiny”. Sure, this could mean that Peter’s favorite song back in the day was “Say My Name”, or probably more accurately that he was all about trusting in the larger plan for his life. You know, “letting go and letting God” kinda stuff. But look at that motherfucker’s yearbook photo. That pierced ear screams “fuckboy”. Something doesn’t add up.

I think a safer bet is that he and his friends went to a strip club one time and all got a PG lap dance from a girl named Destiny. He probably was just using his senior quote as some juvenile inside joke situation. Like, why else would he randomly capitalize the D in Destiny unless he wanted to give the D to Destiny? I see you, Peter Joseph Kraus.

We probably all have some embarrassing yearbook shit someone could dig up on us. Don’t try to act like you didn’t wear a popcorn shirt in your seventh grade school pictures. I mean, you’d still let Peter hit it knowing this information, right? Yeah, I thought so.