Pete Davidson Is Hanging Out With Kaia Gerber & We're Uncomfortable

Over the past year and a half, Pete Davidson has rapidly built a reputation for himself, and I’m not talking about his character work on SNL. After dumping Cazzie David in the spring of 2018, he quickly entered a whirlwind relationship with Ariana Grande, which was pretty much the only thing anyone talked about last summer. After Ariana, he spent some time hanging out (and making out) with Kate Beckinsale, who’s a casual 20 years older than him. Shockingly, that didn’t last long. Pete was next linked to up-and-coming actress Margaret Qualley, until they reportedly broke up last week.

But if we’ve learned anything about Pete Davidson, it’s that he doesn’t usually stay single for long. This week, he’s been seen out and about with someone new, and I have a lot of thoughts. Pete is rumored to be dating Kaia Gerber, and it’s a real yikes moment.

In case you’ve avoided learning who Kaia Gerber is until now, I’m sorry, but we have to talk about her. She’s the daughter of world-famous supermodel Cindy Crawford, and in the past few years, she’s become a supermodel in her own right. She’s a staple in all the biggest runway shows, is all over magazine covers, and…she just turned 18 last month. Friends, when I tell you I cringed, I mean that I cringed. Pete Davidson, who was dating a 45-year-old just six months ago, is now dating someone who is barely old enough to vote.

The rumors began yesterday, and the evidence is already stacking up. First, Pete was spotted on Wednesday morning leaving Kaia’s apartment building in Soho, and a source confirmed to Page Six that he was there to see Kaia, but said that they’re “just friends.” That makes sense, because I also am usually leaving the apartment of someone who’s just my friend in the morning. Sure.

Then, later on Wednesday, Pete and Kaia were spotted eating together at Sadelle’s, and a fan got a photo of Pete laughing while Kaia looks at her phone. This is the kind of investigative work I truly appreciate, so well done.

That’s all the evidence we have for now, but these two are obviously hanging out, even if they might not be dating dating. Either way, it’s enough for me to be a little skeeved out by Pete Davidson’s behavior. I’m more than a year younger than him, and even I would never date an 18-year-old. Especially considering she just turned 18, that’s like dating a senior in high school. Obviously, Kaia is super famous, and I don’t even know if she does high school anymore, but it’s still just as weird.

I’m no relationship expert, but it seems like perhaps Pete Davidson could benefit from some time alone. He’s not that different from Miley Cyrus right now, except that he’s less messy on social media. Typically, bouncing from one relationship to another isn’t actually a good sign of your emotional stability, just an observation.

Me @ Pete Davidson:

As for Kaia Gerber, I don’t really know what to say. Like, she is so pretty and I’m sure she’s a great person, but any grown man who’s dying to date a barely-18-year-old girl probably is probably bad news. I can see why she’s attracted to Pete, because half the people I follow on Instagram are, inexplicably, also attracted to Pete, but this just isn’t going to end well. She should really try dating someone her own age, or maybe even just being on her own for a minute! It’s not the end of the world. Either way, this relationship makes me uncomfortable, and I really hope it doesn’t last.

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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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