People Who Use Twitter Are More Likely To Cheat & Get Divorced

Surprise surprise, people who are considered “active” Twitter users are more likely to cheat and get divorced (according to science). While I personally assumed that this had to be the case because people who use excessively use Twitter are more likely to be insecure narcissists who believe everyone should hear the worthless thoughts they send forth into cyber space, apparently it's due to the fact that people get into fights with their significant others over their Twitter use.

One of the more interesting parts of this article claims that men are more likely to tweet their feelings on their relationships because they're “not ready” to tell their girlfriends, so instead they post them on social media. I don't know who the fuck these weirdos are, but I think they're probably on that new show Silicon Valley. Also like, people who do this probably shouldn't be dating anyway, tbh

Source: TIME


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