An Open Letter to People Posting Instagram Progress Shots

Dear Those Making Progress,

Calm down.

I’m glad you’ve “lost at least 3 lbs of fat, gained 5 lbs of muscle” and “have never felt more comfortable and confident in your skin” but there are a few more appropriate venues for celebrating this – namely not your Instagram account.

Unless you’re a professional trainer – I don’t see the point of publicly sharing your before and afters with the world. People are following your account for a few shots of your food and vacation, like once or twice a week. I did not sign up for this. Some things are better left unsaid and unseen, like your 3 week progress shot.

The whole progress shot thing becomes especially irritating when posts are accompanied by paragraphs describing how healthy and happy the poster is, and then it suddenly escalates to unwanted lifestyle instructions  “With time and dedication everyone can achieve their healthy, fit dream body.”  Like calm down, I already have.

I don’t know when discussing your workouts with a friend got replaced with notifying everyone you’ve ever met on a weekly basis, but it needs to stop.


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