Patrick Schwarzenegger Was In A Car Chase That Ended In A Crash

Apparently if you want to date Miley Cyrus, being crazy is a requirement.  Some rando guy threw a bottle of water on Patrick’s car, and Pat got so mad that he started chasing the guy. The other guy then made a U-turn and hit Patrick’s car, so the cops had to be called. Obviously the other guy is batshit too, but this whole thing just seems so fucking dumb. If someone threw a bottle of water at my car I would probably just like snapchat about it and then fucking move on. The best part of the story is that Patrick was driving to meet Miley for lunch, so when the police came Miley was at the scene wearing a sheer top with star-shaped nipple pasties. After all, no story is complete until Miley shows up not wearing clothes.




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