Paris Hilton’s Dog Tinkerbell died


Tinkerbell lived a glamorous life. She was even a #GuessGirl shot by @EllenVonUnwerth. ������ #RIPTinkerbell

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Paris Hilton’s 13 million twitter followers and a few dozen “Simple Life” fans were devastated yesterday when Paris broke the news that her iconic Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, had died of old age. She then subjected her followers to a depressing series of photos of the dog with the trending hashtag #RIPTinkerbell. Other than her short stint on the farm with Paris and Nicole Ritchie, Tinkerbell lived a charmed life…14 years of living in a Barbie mansion and being toted to and from restaurants and award shows that most of us will never be allowed into. She must have been Mother Teresa reincarnated in order to have earned such a prime spot in the world.



While we feel bad for Paris (this must be one of the only bad situations she couldn’t buy herself out of), we’re sure her other seven dogs and various other pets will be there to comfort her, including Prince Hilton, the mini Pomeranian she dropped $13K on last year. We’re sure it won’t be long before another Chihuahua (Tinkerbell #2?) joins her collection and the previous diva dog is only a distant memory.




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