Parents Invoice 5 Year Old For Missed Birthday Party

The world of 5 year olds' birthday parties is pretty intense. Basically, this kid Alex's dad pulled a Kris Jenner and double booked him for both a birthday party and a day trip with his grandparents – classic emotionally detached dad move, nothing new. But the birthday boy's parents were pissed as fuck because Alex didn't call to cancel, so they sent him an invoice for approx 15 pounds to pay for missing the party. Like actually, they call it a “Child's Party No Show Fee.”

First of all, if you're going to start shit over a kid's birthday party, at least make it for more money than the price of a discounted iPhone case. Seriously, what the fuck are they going to do with 15 pounds?? Buy one and a half Chipotle burritos? If they were just trying to be assholes, then the betchy way to deal with this is to make sure Alex never gets invited to another birthday party ever again. This is why the world needs betches, to appropriately wage psychological warfare on 5 year olds for missing what I'm sure was a rager.


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