Palma: Enchanting, Your Restaurant Was…Enchanting

Palma Rating: 8.25

Food 3.25 / 4
Service: 2 / 3
Atmosphere: 3 / 3

Last week my friend texted me that we're going to dinner on the West Side and to meet her at Palma at 9. There was an actual monsoon happening but I was hungry so it was like, whatever. Turned out to be not whatever because I was soaked and pissed off by the time I showed up to dinner. However as I walked into to the restaurant my entire mood changed, bipolar style. Like, I immediately forgot the leather jacket I got from Florence was completely ruined. It was as if I walked into an enchanting room in a magical town or like, Lisa Vanderpump’s brain.

The Atmosphere

It's either candle lit or they just have their dimmers set really low. Huge pink flowers everywhere. That's just the front room, where you shouldn't eat if you came here only because the garden room is like that much better. Secret Garden kind of shit, twinkle lights, vines, more and more flowers. It's the kind of place that makes you want a boyfriend if you don't have one or if you do, makes you want to yell at him because he hasn't thought of bringing you here before.

This place also does brunch and I will be coming back for that, because it’s really fucking cute. If you’re looking for a place to have a bridal shower, this is it.

Instagram friendly: No but you seriously wish.

Is there a chance you'll run into a celebrity? Definitely. Think people who work at Vogue and models who eat.

Bread worth the carbs? It was okay, we ended up eating it because we were starving and the service took forever. But we suggest skipping it for the carbs for the amazing pasta.

Shoe situation: If you're there on the weekends we suggest wearing heels. Dress up, it's chic. And like what if you run into some sartorial bitches?

Good for: Date with your boyfriend, first or second date if the guy is a foodie or is trying to impress you, dinner with besties, decorspo

Neighborhood: West Village

Price: $$$

The crowd

Couples in 20s to 30s, betches, cool parents.

The food

Cavolfiore Palma: Aka cauliflower with toasted pine nuts, caramelized onion with currants and some breadcrumbs. This is something you will need to order.

Arancini: No one can resist my Schweddy risotto balls. These were also very good. Kind of tasted like fancy mac n cheese balls and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Insalata Italiana: We wanted to try the Insalata di Barbabietole aka the beet salad because it sounded phenom but like two of our friends voted against so I was like, fine fuck you, and went with this one. It’s a simple and light salad if you’re looking for that. Arugula with some other shaved stuff. Turned out to be quite good.

Zuppa di Pesce: This came with a live performance. It came with basically a roof of baked bread on top and the waitress came and cut it for us. If you like mussels and other sea food in a tomato broth we highly recommend.

Asparagus Gratin: A great side dish, came with melted parm on top. As a personal lover and judger of side dishes as well as believer that a restaurant is only as good as its side dishes, this asparagus was definitely top notch. Lots of fresh lemon juice with melted parmesan cheese.

Fettuccine ai Funghi: KK so let us give you a description and you decide if we liked it or not: Homemade fettuccine. Wild market mushrooms. Black truffle pate and white truffle oil. Hint: this was amazing. It’s possible that I was a little bit drunk by the time this dish arrived but it was made so well. Like no extra heavy sauces or anything. And the shrooms were unreal.

Lemon Basil cocktail: Vodka, basil, fresh lemon juice…

restaurant info:

28 Cornelia St, New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-2223

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