App Of The Week: Pact Because Fat People Should Pay

Betches love staying in good shape, but sometimes we need some motivation to work out and eat healthy. We’re totally into our trendy workout wear, but you might notice our Nikes are still whiter than ever, our yoga pants have never actually been seen in a yoga studio, and I only wear this FitBit to give my outfit a sporty edge. Getting to the gym and making healthy choices can be tough if there are no legit consequences for not following up on your goals. That’s where Pact comes in.

Unlike other health/fitness tracking apps, Pact allows you to create deals with your friends through the app, so you bet money on your specific health and fitness goals. At the beginning of the week, you make a pact with a friend to eat healthier or exercise more. For example, you can bet your friend ten dollars that you’ll go to Soul Cycle three times this week. If you don’t go three times by the end of the week, you owe your friend those ten dollars, but if you meet your goal, you get paid (not as much as you’re paying for your spin class, but that’s besides the point.) That’s right: you’re literally making bank by being healthy.  

This is an incentive betches will actually listen to. After all, who wants to lose a bet? We all know that New Years resolutions come and go– usually the next morning after you’ve forgotten the whole night. Pact is motivational enough to get you to put the cupcake down and break a sweat. 

Download the app, get your friends into it, and sooner or later you’ll all lose those three pounds you’ve been waiting on. You can even treat yourself to a few more mimosas at brunch with all that cash you’re raking in, and with all that hard work, you deserve the extra few calories. Cheers to having a fast metabolism, right?


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