The 5 Most Overused Wedding Hashtags

If you don’t think that choosing a wedding hashtag is more important than choosing a spouse, well then, congratulations. You probably have your priorities a little more figured out than I do. I know it may sound a bit dramatic (I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I’m literally the *Chris Harrison voice* most dramatic person ever), but your wedding hashtag is going to sit beside photos of one of the most important days of your life for the rest of eternity. Or, until Instagram pulls a MySpace. I really don’t have any advice to give you for choosing your wedding hashtag other than telling you what to avoid, because each hashtag needs to be expertly crafted and highly personal. Here are the dumbest wedding hashtags that you should definitely not use.


This is undoubtedly the most common, easiest wedding hashtag. The people who pick this as a wedding hashtag are the same kind of people who think liking golden retrievers is a personality trait. It just proves that you’re a boring couple and will probably go on like, a Carnival Cruise for your honeymoon.

#LadyAndTheLastName or #BeautyAndTheLastName

Oh, you love Disney? Did your fiancé propose at Epcot? Get in line, Ashley. We get it. If you’re having a Disney themed wedding, my advice will already probably be lost on you. In the off chance that there is still a sliver of hope, I’m begging you not to create a wedding hashtag that is a play on a Disney movie.

Almost Everything With Numbers

The trouble with wedding hashtags is that if it’s not totally unique, someone else’s content is going to pop up. I’ve seen lots of wedding blogs suggest that you add your wedding date, but unless it’s a really unique, easy-to-remember date that adds value to the hashtag, you should skip it. Your guests are going to get drunk and probably put the numbers in the wrong order, which will totally defeat the purpose of using the numbers to keep all of the posts under one hashtag.


On first glance, this appears to be very clever, especially if your last name starts with an L. However, if you do your research, you’ll find that tons of people with “L” last names already had the same thought process. I feel like I should throw some kind of a joke about “taking Ls” in here, but that would probably be almost as easy as choosing this wedding hashtag, so I’ll save us all the hypocrisy.


Do you think you’re the only couple in the world who spent hours kicking around hashtag ideas and finally landed on an off-brand version of When Harry Met Sally? Well, you’re not. This could POTENTIALLY be kind of cute if one of you is named Harry or Sally, but if not, you’re going to have to work a little harder.

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Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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