Our YASSS QUEEN Home Collection Has Finally Arrived!

Your home is where you stare (most) obsessively in the mirror, do your best pre-gaming, and, most importantly, sleep.The home is where you’re at your betchiest, and now there’s finally a way to show off your best self at home with, obvi, a Shop Betches Home Collection

With a shower curtain, pillow, and canvas print your bed, bathroom, and home will be just as excited as you are to see them, all screaming YASSS QUEEN. So, how are you even living or breathing another second knowing that your home decor is officially not perfect until you’ve added these pieces. Now go do what you do best betches and shop!

YASSS Queen Throw Pillow starting at $20.00

Our throw pillows are exactly what you want to throw on your bed or couch. They will liven up any living room and have guests saying YASS QUEEN. 


YASSS QUEEN Canvas Print starting at $27.00

The canvas says I’m an adult, the print says I’m a queen. This is the only thing better than a picture of yourself. 

YASSS Queen Shower Curtain  $54.00

The shower curtain that says what every betch wants to hear when she takes her clothes off, YASSS QUEEN.


We also have Yasss Queen phone cases and tanks too (well, the tanks sold out in one day, so they’ll be back very soon)! Go to shopbetches.com, like now. 


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