Our Predictions For Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book Captions

So the book of selfies Kim Kardashian said she was making as a gift for Kanye is officially being published for all the world to waste their money on. We should've known momager Kris wouldn't miss out on getting her 10% of something that sadly will probably sell out faster than a Nicholas Sparks book. The 352 page book of close up shots of Kim's immovable face will be titled “Selfish”…how fitting. Here is our sneak peak of what we think will be worthy of making it into this piece of non-fiction (or is it classified as fiction because of how much plastic surgery she has had?)

What’s more fab, this Roberto Cavalli blanket, or me?

Even though I make the same face in most of my selfies, I’m still really versatile, like in this photo where I have bangs.

Feeling #blessed for the sex tape that got me to where I am today. My life is literally like a Drake song.

What do you think requires more insurance my 10 years of lip injections or my one of a kind engagement ring?

Just because we’re the most famous couple in the world doesn’t mean we can’t still take bathroom selfies like you peasants right?




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