Our Kings of Cole x Betches ‘Hair Flip’ Sweats are FINALLY HERE

You can tell a lot about a person by their page of most recently used emojis. Heart eye emoji in your friend’s recently used means you’ll probably be seeing them less, the same thing in your BF’s means you’ll never see him again.

No emoji shows up more in our recently used page than the hair flip emoji, though. This brash little betch can express any range of things you want to say, but are way too lazy to type out. She’s literally the most perfect emoji that has ever existed in the history of the world.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kings of Cole for a third time to bring you the most comfortable, softest sweatshirts and sweatpants you will own. You will LIVE in yours, guaranteed.


Here’s how it works:

Go to shopbetches.com (duh) and then… 

1. Choose your color sweatpants or hoodie:

  • Cobalt: The purplish-blue color
  • Kelly Green: The greener color

2. Choose your design:

  • WHATEVER BETCH: She’s the hair flip girl wearing the whatever beanie. She doesn’t take anything too seriously, it’s like whatever.
  • REBEL BETCH: She’s the hair flip girl wearing the headband, she likes to go to Soul Cycle, drink green juice, and flip her hair at haters.
  • BAD BETCH: She’s the hair flip girl without any extra accessories, because she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. She’s a bad mother f*cking betch.


Oh ya and unlike the sweatpants in our last collaboration these have a much more relaxed fit and the hoodies are a bit more fitted, catered to your smokin hot body.

Available until Tuesday March 31st

Side Effects Include: Refusal to not wear them everyday (i.e. risk of outfit repetition), feelings of conflict when you need to take them off to shower but won’t want to, and sense of euphoria when you realize you wear the same pants as Scott Disick or hoodies as Khloe K.


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