Happy 10th Birthday Mean Girls: A Collection of Our Best Mean Girls Posts

The best movie of all time, aka Mean Girls turns 10 years old today. To commemorate, we've compiled a list of our top Mean Girls related posts…which just shows that this movie is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, God love ya.

Mitt Romney's Burn Binder

Remember that time Mitt Romney claimed he had requested a 'binder full of women' to hire as the governor of Massachusetts at the Second Presidential Debate? There was obviously nothing better to relate Mitt's Binder to than Regina George's Burn Book. Check it out. 

The Top 10 Classic Betch Movies

Can you guess what's #1? 

Still don't get the Syria Conflict? Mean Girls has Your Back

We explain WTF is going on in Syria through the classic tale of a girl moving to Illinois from Africa. 

Betch of the Week: Regina George

Is there literally ANYONE betchier than Regina George? If you think there is than you're probably still trying to make fetch happen. 


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