Oprah Has Her Own Tea Line and Other Business News

You can now purchase “Oprah” tea

Oprah now has her own line of tea that will be sold at Teavana locations. In addition to donating a portion of the profits to charity, Oprah announced that the line will help her share one of her favorite things with the rest of the world. Seriously, how desperate is Oprah to remain in the spotlight? First the flop that was the Lindsay docuseries and now this. I'm sorry Oprah, but this isn't your book club. No one gives a shit what tea you like. Read article>>

Spirit Airlines treats customers like shit and still makes a lot of money

Talk to anyone that has flown Spirit and they will tell you it’s the fucking worst. They have horrible customer service, receive more complaints than any other airline, and charge you for every fucking thing you could imagine (including a fee to “reserve” your seat on top if the original ticket price). Despite all this, the company has a pretty good stream of profits coming in, proving once and for all that being nice to people (including your customers) is overrated. Spirit, we're glad you've finally taken our advice, but we'll never fly with you. Ticket prices of only $79 means we'll be dealing with A LOT of povos, not to mention we prefer to fly private instead. Read article>>

Twitter has a cool idea for advertising

It's pretty obvious Twitter is no longer at its prime. Membership growth has slowed, losses are increasing, and the company’s stock price has dropped 28% since the start of 2014. To start rolling in the cash again, Twitter has come up with a pretty unique idea to help bring in advertising revenue. The idea? Combining ads with viral videos. For example, a popular video of, say, a winning shot at a sports game or Lindsay Lohan falling down the stairs (ok, that last one doesn't exist yet, but I would definitely watch it) would be preceded by a brief shot of a sponsor's name and message. This is a pretty good concept if you ask me, considering the fact that everyone skips over those annoying ads on YouTube. Refresh! Refresh! Fuck, I'll just watch the video later. With that said, maybe Twitter is no longer in its prime because there just haven’t been any good Twitter rants lately. We just need another fucked up celebrity to start busting out their crazy, or at least come up with a hashtag that is as equally stupid and catchy as #Winning. Justin Bieber, I’m looking at you. Read article>>


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