One Girl’s Fight with Her Ex Hook Up: Sexts and Subtexts

Note – These screens were sent to me completely without comment or context, so let’s add some!

So, what are you showing/asking here? From what I can gather, this guy was into texting you, and then apparently disappeared for a while. Ok. That could be… disappointing, sure, if you thought it was going somewhere, but provided you weren’t sleeping with the guy, why all the melodramatics and huffy declaration of your philosophy on texting? Yes, what you said is a pretty good rule of thumb. Thereby, when he ceased texting you, that’s a pretty good sign to just get on with it and forget about him and ignore any further texts (in the unedited screen, he appears as a number and not a name, so maybe she attempted to do that).

Lots of people, guys and girls, will do this thing where, when confronted with a situation where they feel wronged, tediously explain how “I’m a princess and deserve to be treated as such, and I won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t,” as they go about having, in fact, something to do with said person. Like, who are you reminding of this, you or him? Because when he reads that, he thinks to himself “yeah, ok, you keep telling yourself that,” and then ends the conversation on his terms with a response that I’m sure left you fuming.

Moral of the story – if you don’t like the treatment or responses you’re getting from someone, STOP TEXTING THEM. It’s really not that hard. It’s like the texting version of a Taylor Swift song: If it hurts so much, stop fucking talking about it. Next.

Hey so I got like blackout and a huge fight with my ex hookup. Why does he keep responding if he says he doesn't care. And if he thinks it's ok to show all his friends, it must be ok to be put on the Internet.

Xox, bat shit crazy betch 😉

Dear BSCB,

Well. You are correct, this is definitely good enough to put on the internet, but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. Who do you think this conversation is casting in a negative light? Trick question, you’re both terrible. I feel like SNL could turn this conversation into a “Stefon” sketch: “New York’s hottest club is called ‘To Good Goodluck.’ This place has EVERYTHING: Dick jokes, gaslighting, statutory rape, and inappropriately used emojis.”

Just to get it out of the way, I’ll acknowledge that you were blackout and we all need to fess up and admit that we’ve all been there and done something similar, albeit maybe not quite to this level of insanity. It looks like this guy’s been giving you the shaft recently, and let’s do some math and figure out the timeline: You claim you were first fucking when you were 16 and he was 20. If he’s graduating, that would make him 22 or so (assuming he’s saying business school to mean undergrad, which I hate. I don’t go around telling people I graduated with an econ degree – a bachelor’s is a bachelor’s is a fucking bachelor’s). So this whole thing started two years ago, and you’re still texting him to tell him how much you hate him? Like, I get that being blackout can cause us to reach down deep and do stupid things (particularly when you’re 18 and can’t handle your booze), but you need to let this shit go.

(Side Note to Highschool Betches – This is just one of the many reasons why you don’t fuck  guys that much older than you when you’re a teenager. Girls don’t mature way faster than guys quite like they used to. Most 16 year old girls want a guy who’s “more mature,” but 20 is probably TOO mature – you’ll wind up in a position like this where the guy will have an easy time fucking with your head. Plus, this isn’t the 1960’s. Guys know what’s legal and what’s not. If they go ahead with it anyway, there probably aren’t many lines they won’t cross. He said something about you lying to him, hopefully not about your age. That’s a good way to get an otherwise unsuspecting guy in some life-ruining trouble.)

So to answer your question, he responded even though he didn’t care because it was probably entertaining as hell. That’s also why he showed it to his friends – “hey bros, look what a crazy headcase this girl I used to fuck is being.” Like I said, it doesn’t make him look like Prince Charming, but it’s not doing you any favors either. If anything, it’s a snapshot in the lives of two lunatics who were made for each other.

Hot Mess Kisses,

Head Pro

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