On Fleek: Betchy Linguistics

If you have an Instagram or just like, eyes and ears, you’ve probably heard the phrase “on fleek.” Nine times out of ten when you hear somebody say “on fleek,” they’re talking about their eyebrows. Please note, it’s not “on fleet,” which is a common misconception that I’ve heard a lot from middle-aged people. (Why would it be on fleet? You’re talking about your eyebrows, not your navy vessel).

Before you ask me what “fleek” by itself actually means, I have no fucking clue. But I can tell you where it first originated (no thanks to you, Urban Dictionary). It all started one fateful day when this vine was released:



Also IDK who Peaches Monroe is either guys, but considering her 6 second video got over half a million likes, I’d wager to say she’s kind of a big deal. So to all you betches who are looking for work, you can always make up a word, put it on Vine, and hope it catches on.

In terms of what it means, it’s actually really easy and hopefully you figured it out for yourself already. But for all you Karen Smith’s out there, on fleek = on point. Like literally, they’re interchangeable terms, but one of them makes you sound slightly more edgy. Here are the Top 5 things that tend to be on fleek:

1. Your eyebrows.

This was already said but honestly if your eyebrow game isn’t strong, you’re a nobody.

2. Your outfit.

Fashion has gotta be on fleek.

3. Your hair, lips, eyeshadow, etc.

Basically anything beauty-related, except eyebrows, which like we already said have their own category.

4. Whatever tf you want.

It’s just a word, it’s not that fucking serious, the Fleek Force aren’t going to come after you if you say your playlist is on fleek or whatever. However, Rule #4 does not apply if you’re over 30 or have a child. In fact, none of these rules apply if the aforementioned is true. In fact, the word doesn't even exist for you.

Another useful tip: you can use “_____ game” when you’re saying “on point,” but not so much with fleek. Like you can say your fitness game is on point, but you can’t say fitness game on fleek. I mean like, you can because it’s a free country  and nobody will stop you (unless you’re about to say North Korea’s hacking game is on fleek, then Kim Jong Un will probs try to stop you) but nobody else says it that way.

Another final, extra special protip: by now, fleek is everywhere. Your besties say it, celebs say it, even your Aunt is posting up Facebook pics claiming her Thanksgiving dinner was on fleek. So by the time you’re done reading this article, fleek will be officially dead. Thanks for playing, try again next time.


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