bad betch sunglasses

OMG, We Just Launched Our Chic Sunglasses Collab With Privé Reveaux

By Shannon McCormick | August 23, 2018

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Remember when we talked about affordable sunglasses that look expensive af? Well, we have a new addition to that list: Shop Betches x Privé Reveaux Bad Betch sunglasses. Our collab with Privé Revaux sunglasses launches TODAY, only on *Crowd goes wild.* To quote Scheanna Shay Marie’s infamous tattoo, “It’s all happening, betches.” Okay, her tat doesn’t actually say “betches”. But like, it’s so dumb that it’d actually be better if it did, just saying.

Meet, The Bad Betch sunglasses, available in chic black and trendy rosé. Featuring an oversized frame (that legit looks good on everyone), these shades channel your inner bad betch. They say in a polite, yet assertive non-verbal way, “Don’t even f*cking think about talking to me.” But still, in like a, “I’m not mean, I’m just hungover af and haven’t had my coffee yet” type of way.

bad betch sunglasses

Basically, these stylish shades will be your new go-to daily defense against unwanted human interaction. They’ll help you avoid annoying conversation with overly chatty Uber drivers and awkward small talk with that girl you copied off of in high school. They’re the epitome of a betch with effortlessly cool style, inherent boss vibes, and a DGAF attitude, all encapsulated in a chic pair of sunglasses.

bad betch sunglasses

Oh, and the best part is that they’re only $29.95. But trust me, they obvi look wayyyy more expensive. I mean, at that price, you should probs just get both colors. Because, to put it simply, these sunglasses will easily be the only sunglasses you’ll ever want and need. You can thank us later. 

And right now until September 4th, you can shop them exclusively at Shop Betches. So shop now!