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OMG Is Ariana Grande Shading Pete Davidson On Twitter?

By Sara Levine | November 2, 2018

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Grab the popcorn, folks, it looks like we have a good ol’ fashioned subtweet on our hands. Personally, I love it when celebrities subtweet. They think they’re being vague and mysterious, when the average Twitter user with half a brain can figure out who they’re shading. Which is why the tweet Ariana Grande posted on Thursday night is especially delicious—Twitter users think Grande is shading her former fiancé Pete Davidson. Oh wait, what’s that? Just the sound of my tea kettle going off, because this tea is ready to be served piping hot.

On Thursday night, Ariana Grande tweeted, “for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh”. I took a screencap in the likely event this tweet will mysteriously disappear from Ariana’s feed. Thank you, thank you. Not all heroes wear capes.

Ariana Grande tweet

The best part about this is I didn’t even have to use any of my brainpower to try to figure out who Ariana could be shading with this tweet, because all I had to do was scroll down a quarter of an inch and read a few of the replies. It looks like this tweet could be directed at Ariana’s own ex, Pete Davidson. To find out why, I will kindly direct you to the video recently posted on the SNL Twitter account.

Wowwwww okay, yeah. I get poking fun at yourself, but Pete is really going to make engagement jokes for the next 10 years, huh? This would fit the “clinging to relevancy” narrative put forth in Ariana’s tweet, if the tweet is in fact about Pete. (Look at me, a regular Dr. Seuss over here.) For the record, I actually liked Pete Davidson a lot as a comedian before he got involved with Ariana Grande. Is that material to this subtweet? Not necessarily, I just want you all to know that although I kind of hated Pete and Ariana’s incessant PDA, I very much enjoy them both individually.

Ariana followed up her tweet with another. It simply says, “thank u, next.”

Next?? “Next????” what could “next” mean?? Is there already a next guy in the picture? Or does she mean “next” in the way the long-gone MTV show would say it, to express dissatisfaction with another person? Probably the latter, tbh. But I like stirring up drama sometimes. Sue me.

While the subject of Ariana’s tweet has not been confirmed, I like to believe that less than a month after her broken engagement, she is already out here publicly shading her ex. It’s what I would do. And speaking as a person whose entire career is owed to making jokes about her last breakup, I get what Pete is doing and why—he’s attempting to reclaim the narrative and achieve a little catharsis in the process. I also get why Ariana is annoyed—I’m sure it’s still a sore subject, and hearing your ex joke about what you thought was a serious lifetime commitment on television must be upsetting. I’m not really on anyone’s side here, I’m just here for the drama.

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