HEY, it’s OK to not have a blog!

I seriously love you all, but we need to discuss something. I’ll cut to the chase: you don’t need to have a fucking blog to be validated as a person.

Disclaimer: I enjoy reading a lot of blogs. Hell, you might even consider this site a blog. I see it as more of a web community of the best people you’ll ever meet, but the argument could be made.

I enjoy a lot of fashion blogs. What Courtney Wore by Coutney Kerr and Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell are two of my favorites and I’ve been known to stalk their pin-worthy posts. Some of these blogs contain pretty much all of my #stylegoals #relationshipgoals #lifegoals combined. But the betches running these blogs have made it their whole life and they’re also really fucking good at it.

If your blog is on point and your style is ridiculous, then four for you. Still, that’s not the case with 98% of the blogs out there and the wanna-be-betches running those blogs are the ones I’m giving major side-eye to.

You don’t need a blog to be a decent betch. In fact, I respect you more as a person if you don’t have one.

Just as you can like music without wanting to be a DJ, you can like fashion, art, design, cooking, baking, whatever, and not feel the need to blog about it. In fact, I don’t even mind if you post about your passions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (within reason). If you have all of those social media outlets, your need for attention should be satisfied enough for you to realize you don’t need a blog.

My feeds have been jammed, not only with the minutiae of your life, but also thirsty posts trying to drive me to visit your blog’s website. There’s only one non-app website I visit regularly and you’re looking at it.

I understand that if I click the ad links you have on your page you get like half a cent or something, but I’m not going to click on those things based on principal alone. If I want to see where you bought your basic outfit, I’ll head to Nordstrom on my own, thank you.

If you’re considering getting a blog, think about what you’re trying to accomplish by having one. Are you a designer who wants to show off your ability to create an aesthetic? Blog for you. Are you a photographer who wants to bring in some business? Blog for you. Are you a bored, unemployed college grad who needs some attention? No blog for you.

If you have no business need to have a blog, maybe just pass on it for a while. Make money by having, I don’t know, a fucking job, and get over yourself. You don’t need a blog.


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