The OC is Becoming A Musical

Word on the street is that The OC is becoming a musical.  It's apparently from the same producers of “Cruel Intentions: The Musical,” which we didn’t even know existed tbh. They’re doing this for one night only in LA, which isn’t a great sign considering LA is where plays go to die.

The good news is Seth Cohen will be singing a Death Cab cover. One question, what about Phantom Planet? If the musical doesn’t begin with an epic rendition of California, I’m not sure I want to watch it.

They should take a page from Sleep No More and make this an interactive musical on the beach. I mean, minus the creepiness factor obvs. Or just throw a beach party and have Adam Brody host it. We’d go to that.

Reviving our teen shows as musicals seems to be a trend now, considering Amy Hecklerling announced she just finished writing Clueless the musical.  We're going to hold off on our opinion until we see the rest of the cast.  No pressure.


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