Everything We Know About The Obamas New Netflix Show

I have some good news and some good news. The good news is that Barack and Michelle Obama might be getting their own Netflix show. The other good news is that Trump and Melania are not getting their own Netflix show. Everybody wins, except for Trump and Melania, which means the Obamas win, which means we all win. It all comes full circle.

The couple of the millennium are apparently in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to produce their own series. Netflix and the Obamas have a lot in common. They’re both iconic, they both have been our main sources of joy in the past decade, and not having either of them around can cause severe depression. So when you combine the Obamas and Netflix, the outcome is sure to be nothing short of pure perfection. The possibilities are endless here. It could be a reality show with zero drama because they are a legit perfect couple, and I would still gladly watch. It could be a talk show where they just talk to each other and I would be like, “yup, mhmm, sign me up.” It could literally be live footage of them staring lovingly into each other’s eyes for an hour and I would watch it every night before bed and sob.

According to The New York Times, the series will not be any of the great pitches I just listed above. The format of the episodes is still undecided, but the idea is to give the former president “a global platform after his departure from the White House.” People who are involved in the development of the series have hinted that it may be a series of inspirational stories, highlighted by Barack and Michelle. Like I said, you had me at Barack and Michelle. Whatever it is, I’m in.

More deets about the show are sure to be coming soon, so stay tuned. Cherish this good news while you can, betches. Trump is sure to catch wind of it and will probably, definitely have something offensive to say about it on Twitter. Can’t wait.

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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