Obama Takes Selfie at Mandela’s Funeral

Apparently the selfies at funerals trend is really spreading far and fast. Today we have Barry Obama taking a selfie at Nelson Mandela's funeral with the prime ministers of Great Britain and Denmark. Look how pissed Michelle is at this display while Barry's trying to stabilize the camera (don't want any blur!). Her face totally says, “I can't believe I married someone who takes selfies while we're mourning the guy who ended Apartheid.” Seriously guys, save it for the G8!

But they weren't the only ones to turn the somber memorial service into a photo opp. Here's George W. Bush and Bono, with filter. And you guys think we're disrespectful when it comes to people who've died, here we have a former president trying to snipe instagram likes off Mandela's memorial. 

Source: NY Daily News


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