NYU Students Are Fucked, According To Robert De Niro

Most people freak out when they graduate, but at least they wait until after their graduation ceremonies to do it. But instead of encouraging students to pursue their dreams or other hippie bullshit, Robert De Niro got straight to the point at the NYU Film School graduation last week.

To the crowd of newly unemployed art school graduates, he said “You made it, and you’re fucked.” I mean, yeah, we already knew NYU students were fucked, but it’s nice that we all got to hear it again.

Compared to typical graduation speeches that leave you feeling great and hopeful, his very real advice seems much more relatable. Said De Niro, “Rejection might sting, but my feeling is that often, it has very little to do with you. When you're auditioning or pitching, the director or producer or investor may have someone different in mind, that's just how it is.” How wise, and not just applicable to careers. Actually very refreshing to hear.

Look, the world sucks and it’s only getting worse. Sorry grads. But betches will always find a way to win even after the world fucks you over. That's just how we roll.


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