NYC’s Most Instagrammable Events This March

Let’s be honest, March is kind of a basic month. It’s not quite as synonymous with wintry death as February, but spring is still too far away to think about leaving your apartment on a regular basis. That being said, it’s important to maintain the illusion of a rich and full social life while leaving your couch as little as possible. So, here are four super Instagrammable events in NYC this March that should give you enough footage to make it to June. You’re so welcome.

The Gold Gala

This year, it’s the eighth annual Gold Gala: An Evening for St. Jude: a full-on A-list gala at the Bowery Hotel. Tickets start at $175, but all proceeds go toward ensuring that St. Jude’s can continue to provide treatment and care to children in need—and that the family won’t receive a bill after. Honestly, have you spent $175 on anything half as worthwhile in the past six months? Also, the ticket price goes toward free cocktails, food, and access to a fabulous party, complete with a photo booth for you to black out in commemorate the night.

The Orchid Show

Normally, I suggest avoiding nature at all costs (all it does is ruin your shoes!). But in this case, it’s an indoor flower display with alcohol and a DJ (for the evening show, anyway). Yes, please! The Orchid Show runs February 23 through April 28, and this year’s theme is Singapore. (Apparently, Singapore has really great orchids!) Anyway, orchids are the perfect bougie flower to pose with and demonstrate to the world that you are a creature of luxury. Like when Kardashians pose with their new cars, but something you can afford. You have to get tickets in advance, so get on it now.

Snark Park

I have yet to figure out why they would call this Snark Park, but it’s actually a kick-ass exhibition space featuring “a rotating program of design environments that play with material, texture and the reduction of color.” Their inaugural exhibit is Lost and Found, a “labyrinth of columns” perfect for posing in a casual half-sit on, or just using to hide half your body width. Touching of the art is encouraged, so think of it like Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors (which I’ve FINALLY stopped seeing pictures of on my feed) meets an old-school playground. I might have to pregame this one but I’m in!

The Armory Show

The Armory Show is an art fair that takes place on Piers 92 & 94. Unlike many other art fairs and most things that happen on piers, The Armory Show is a chic, fun event featuring art from leading international galleries. It’s a highly anticipated annual NYC event, and while celebs are more likely to attend the March 6 VIP Event, you can plan your visit for one of the four days it’s open to the public. With all the exhibitions they’ve gathered together, there’s guaranteed to be enough Insta-background material for weeks worth of deep, musing, art-loving posts.

So, while we’re waiting for this cold weather to finally leave and rooftop season to return, these are the four events you’ll want to hit up. The rest of the time, you can find me on my couch (and please bring pizza!).