Notorious Child Molester Josh Duggar Welcomes Baby Girl

Well…I guess this will serve as your daily dose of iron(y) for the day (whatever, I think I’m funny)…child molester at large, Josh Duggar, just welcomed a baby girl into the world. Start praying for her now, because she’ll have more problems than Dr. Phil could ever handle.

To begin, the kid’s name is Meredith Grace Duggar, but also WTF, why hasn’t his wife fucking dumped his ass already? Call me old fashioned, but I don't really think molesting young girls is considered a charming quality.

Well, I guess the Giudice family could always give the second gen Duggar fam tips on living life with one parent in the Big House. Are you reading this, TLC? Because I would totally DVR that shit. But anyway, another day, another Duggar fuck up. Ain’t life crazy? Good luck Meredith Duggar, we’re rooting for ya.


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