A Note On Tiny Tattoos

Tattoos are debatably a dumb idea – it depends on the circumstances. But what's really dumb is getting 10 minuscule tattoos in a year or writing “love thyself” in Sanskrit below your boob. It may seem cool today but have fun explaining that twenty years down the line. I mean who knows how you’ll feel about that infinity symbol / Chinese character meaning “peaceful” when you’re 50. I can’t even commit to a purse, how are people committing to lifelong “body art”? And just a PSA: The same tattoos that make you look young and carefree now will probably look dated and make you look old as fuck later on.

A particularly dumb idea is the finger tattoo trend. Do you know how many people’s hands you have to shake in a lifetime? Don’t get a fucking anchor on your interior index finger if you plan on getting a real job post grad. I get it that your sisters are everything to you for three and a half years but does your boss need to know that? Not really.  

Do not get a matching tattoo with anyone for any reason. Obviously everyone knows getting your boyfriends initial on your hip bone is incredibly stupid but it’s also stupid to permanently brand yourself with a fucking treble sign with some friend you’ve known for 9 months because you both love music.

Do not get a dreamcatcher, angel wings, bird’s wing, wind chime, feather or anything with the word wind or wing in it.

Then there's the bottom of the foot trend. Why?

And same goes for ear tattoos. The 2 square centimeters in your ear don’t provide much surface area for meaningful expression. Do not get a star in your ear. You are not Rihanna.

I just want to know when this trend will end and how I can help expedite the process. There should be some sort of application process and waiting period for body art so people stop tattooing meaningless arrows to their forearm  because they want more direction in life. It's just never a good idea.


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