244. Not Saving Guys’ Numbers

We live in a modern day when technology has changed the way we interact with each other, thank god. But sometimes we envy the dance card days of our great grandmothers when it was so much easier to keep track of gentlemen callers. Maybe the reason it’s so hard to keep track of the bros that text us is because betches hate saving numbers in our phones.

In general, getting a betch’s number is like asking if a diamond is blood free, the answer is almost always no but we’re still going to ask. In the rare occasion a betch does grace a bro with her number, like if he’s taking her out for drinks and needs to coordinate details or something, betches will give out a number but never save his contact in her phone.

Generally speaking, this habit may have developed out of laziness and boredom, but it’s also quite practical as well. First off, if dance cards existed, we’d have more in our stack than the number of court trial's in Lindsay Lohan's legal history. It’s completely inefficient to save everyone’s number that is texting us, especially if we’re not even sure we’re going to ever really see this person ever again.

If a bro does follow through with texting and a semblance of a relationship develops, at that point it’s almost like not worth it to save the number, since you’ve learned to recognize his area code already. And, to be perfectly honest, if we’re not definitely going to be friends forever, what’s the point in saving your number? That’s not to say we’re not going to be friends forever, but we’ve seen some ghosts in our day.

Some people may argue that it’s inconvenient to have to scroll through texts to find a number every time you want to text a bro, but to that we say, if he’s not texting you enough to be on your recent callers list, it’s probably time to fade him out anyways. Not saving numbers puts the responsibility on him to text first, and it keeps us from drunk texting.

Finally, not saving numbers is the betch’s weapon against the Cloud. Every betch that’s ever seen a ghost or been through a bad breakup knows the Cloud is our worst enemy. No matter how many times you change Mike’s name to “Ignore”, “Don’t Text” or “SHUT UP”, a blackout betch knows how to decode faster than Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game. Even if you delete a bro’s number and block him to eternity, the Cloud will save a number forever.

On rare occasions, we do save numbers – like if we’re engaged or you’re our drug dealer then it’s usually convenient to like actually save your number  So if your name is in our phone then you should feel fucking lucky, because you’re on a short list.


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