North West Time Travels to 2005 for Balenciaga Show

North West sat front row at the Balenciaga Show for Paris Fashion Week – same. To be clear, she's not even two years old and she experienced something many people have quite literally killed over. She's basically the Anne Hathaway of Devil Wears Prada and everybody else in the world is Emily – Kanye not Kim is Miranda Priestly duh. That being said, let's discuss homegirl's ensemble. She's at the high fashion event of the season and for some god awful reason KimYe decided on the following outfit: leggings and leather skirt paired with a Yeezus concert t-shirt over a black long-sleeve. Congrats on wearing all black, how original. This was legitimately my 7th grade Saturday at the mall look. Please Jesus don't tell me this look is coming back. I survived middle school – something North West has no idea of – don't bring back the 2005 realness. Please Khloe K intervene.




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