North West May Soon Get A Sibling

Last night on another ridiculous hour of the Kardashian shit show, Kim announced her and Kanye are planning to reproduce again very soon. Because just what the world needs is to watch the Kardashian clan raise/exploit another child.

Kim shared the alarming news when she was giving her betchy grandma, M.J., a tour of the house/castle Kanye is building for himself…and maybe his new family too. Rumor has it he's putting mirrored surfaces in every room so he can stare at his reflection wherever he walks.

She said she plans to be preggers by the time they move into their new house so they are building another bedroom for their new bundle of joy. We're all anxiously awaiting to see what navigational direction Kim names her second baby.

As a side note, M.J. revealed she has her own medical marijuana prescription that she uses to get weed…gummy bears. Where can we get our hands on those? Betches love gummy bears since they are easy low-cal snack that fill us up. Now they're even better since apparently they come in a special weed flavor.




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