North West Has a Walk in Closet That’s Bigger Than Your Apartment

A studio apartment in a decent neighborhood is about the size of a really nice walk in closet and North West uses that amount of space to store her toys.  The other day Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the place where North keeps her play things and it’s bigger than what $3,000 a month gets you in New York City.  We see little North dressed in a Cinderella dress and Minnie Mouse ears surrounded entirely by drawers and shelves completely filled with toys (and one filled with shoes…Kid has more than I do and I’m 21).

When I was younger, I remember having a bin where all my toys were kept, or rather, I remember having the floor in the living room and a housekeeper who put everything in a bin. Not North. This 2-year-old has an entire walk in closet specifically for her fucking toys. I can only imagine where Kim keeps her clothes.


It’s gonna be a long night…

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