North And Kim Had Their First Fashion Fight And It Wasn’t About Balmain

Kim Kardashian West decided to Instagram North's temper tantrum this weekend, because that's what well adjusted mothers do – document a family moment for social media attention. Apparently, North had picked out an outfit featuring a Minnie Mouse bike helmet, green umbrella, hippo backpack, and a white shirt. At least we know she's Kim's daughter since she wasn't wearing any pants. Kim was not okay with this ensemble, which is funny because one time Kim matched white boots with an oversized white belt, white camisole, and a white purse.



The struggle is real! We cannot go out of the house like this!!! LOL

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They got into a fight because North wouldn't change and Kim wouldn't let her leave the house dressed that way. Don't worry though, they compromised with the backpack and umbrella. All is well again in the West household, at least until North doesn't want to wear Yeezus concert merchandise anymore.



We compromised

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