Fun Things To Do In The Winter That Won't Make You Freeze Your Ass Off

Honestly, go you. You clicked on this article because you’re not going to let those brutal NYC temps be your excuse to lay in bed all weekend. New York may be the greatest city in the actual world, but it’s also cold as shit in the winter. And we both know that going to Coney Island, blacking out on a rooftop, or tanning/smoking in the park no longer sounds super enjoyable. Unless you’re psycho. In that case, a cute winter date idea for you may be you and a therapist. Anyways, here are some awesome places where you and your bff of choice can talk shit, grow deeper in friendship, and totally take shots beforehand.

Paint And Sip At Muse PaintBar

Painting is therapeutic af. And so is chilling with your favorite non-male. So what better to do on a freezing NYC night than chug sip wine while getting all artsy with your bff? Don’t be scared if you’re creatively challenged—there’s a professional artist leading you step-by-step, so it’s kind of impossible to fuck it up. Until the point when you’re both drunk and you’re trying to finish your masterpiece but can’t really see clearly and then you add some weird-ass colors but it ends up looking fantastic anyway. But whatever, their wine selection rocks. And when you’re done you can put your painting somewhere in your half-decorated apartment and make it less blah. Win-win!

Muse Paintbar

The Museum At FIT

If there was ever a place we want to admit is more Instagrammable than our office, we would probably admit that it was the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Who isn’t up for admiring the monumental fashions that historical betches have worn over time? Plus, you can totally get inspired for what to wear on your next night out and def go for drinks after when you realize you can’t even remotely afford anything in the museum.

Museum At FIT

Rolf’s German Restaurant

If you’re feeling your *holiday spirit* self, you have to get dinner and drinks at Rolf’s. During the holidays, they are so extra with their decorations. Like, chill? Kidding, it’s the best type of extra there ever was. The place is covered in super dramatic garland, Christmas lights, and ornaments. Give your non-bff friends hella FOMO with your festive af Insta and Snap stories. Plus, the vanilla spiced eggnog gets you lit.

Rolf's Bar and Restaurant