The Most Annoying People are Nominated For Grammys This Year

This year's Grammy nominations came out this weekend, and ngl they're pretty boring.  This year, instead of nominating your weird uncle's smooth jazz group, they basically just listened to the radio for an hour and called it quits.  In the four main categories, Sia, Iggy Azalea, and Meghan Trainor are all nominated more than once, and Sam Smith nailed all four. Sorry, but I take issue with anyone who actually thinks All About That Bass is legit the best song of the year. Taylor Swift's album got released too late, but Shake it Off still got nominated for the two biggest awards. Guess the voters really liked that sick beat.

Moral of the story is the Grammys are boring. There are like 70 other categories, but I'm really not about to break down the nominees for fucking Best Bluegrass Album. We've all got two months to pray Fancy doesn't win anything, so get to work.




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