The Full-Body Workout That Won't Mess Up Your Hair

We can literally come up with a thousand excuses to avoid working out, but one very legit one is the whole hair washing issue. Can we please address this?! Like, no one wants to wash their hair everyday, so it doesn’t make sense to get all sweaty and then deal with this awful predicament. Plus, your hairdresser even told you it’s bad for you, so you basically have a doctor’s note to avoid the gym. If you’re looking for a workout you can do that doesn’t require sweating through your blowout, find a very air-conditioned room and try this one. Do each exercise for 45 seconds with about 20 seconds of rest in between each move. Try to repeat the circuit four times total.

1. Squat To Lunge

Squats and lunges are two of the best lower body moves, so by combining both into one exercise, you’re basically working your butt and legs from every angle. Starting with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, squat down, getting your butt low and making sure your knees don’t extend over your feet. Then, stand back up and bring one leg back into a reverse lunge, stepping into a 90 degree angle. Bring that leg back up to standing position and do the same thing on the other leg. Then, go back into your squat. Keep this pattern going for the full 45 seconds, aiming for about eight reps total.

2. Spiderman Crunches

The idea of doing anything with the word “Spiderman” in it sounds like some traumatic third date memory, but these crunches will literally destroy your abs without making you break a sweat. It’s actually more of a plank than a crunch, so you’ll start in a regular plank position with your feet behind you, about shoulder-width apart. Then, you’ll take your right leg and crunch it inward toward your right elbow, creating a Spiderman-esque shape with your body. Make sure to squeeze your abs as your knee hits your elbow. Bring the right leg back into place and do the same move on the left leg, alternating between the two legs the entire time.

3. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are the kind of exercise that can be SO easy if you’re doing them wrong, but if your form is right, it’s almost impossible to do them for 45 seconds straight without breaking. Basically, you’ll need a bench or a couch behind you to put your hands on. You’ll need to sit with your feet out in front of you, with your butt about an inch away from the bench. Then, using your tricep muscles in your upper arms, you’ll move your body up and down, keeping your butt off the floor the entire time. The key here is to make sure your chin isn’t facing downwards and to keep your butt as close as you can to the bench. If you’re doing it right, you’ll have trouble lifting your arms to brush your hair tomorrow.

4. Walking Lunges With Pulse

We did reverse lunges in the first exercise, but this time we’re doing forward lunges and adding a pulse, just because extra pain equals extra amazing-looking legs for leggings season. So, instead of taking a step backwards, you’ll just step forwards with your leg, creating a 90 degree angle, and then pulse up and down at the bottom for a few seconds. Then, step forward with the other leg, basically walking across the room in lunge-position. Remember to take big steps and keep your knee super close to the ground when pulsing. It shouldn’t be easy to do for 45 seconds straight.

5. Shoulder Tap To Mountain Climber

This is the one time we’re putting in a cardio move, but mountain climbers shouldn’t get you too sweaty because they’re mostly for your abs and arms. Starting in a plank position, you’re going to tap your right hand to your left shoulder and then put it back on the ground and repeat the same on the other side. Then, go directly into four mountain climbers, jogging your knees into your chest while staying in the plank. Alternate between the shoulder taps and mountain climbers to keep your arms and abs burning for the full 45 seconds. Feels good, right?

6. Bodyweight Plank

Ending a full-body workout with a plank is always a good idea, because planks actually target every muscle in your body, not only your abs. Start on your hands or forearms, and keep your feet close together while your body stays in one straight line. Make sure to squeeze every muscle in your abs, butt, and back, keeping your entire body engaged. Planking at the end of a workout can burn up to 80 more calories, so don’t bail early on this one. Hold the perfect plank for 45 seconds, and if you want to make it even harder, lift your feet onto an elevated surface, like a box or a medicine ball. It may be the longest 45 seconds of your life, but you’re saving time by not washing your hair, so stop complaining.