Nina Agdal Eats A Ton Of Protein, So We’re Going On An All-Protein Diet

If you thought the typical model diet was all raw kale and Diet Coke, think again. Victoria’s Secret Angel Nina Agdal recently revealed what she eats on a regular basis, and it’s a shit ton of protein. Plus, if you haven’t heard, Nina has been dating Leo Dicaprio for the past few months, and the two of them have been spotted at the trendiest restaurants in NYC recently. I guess we can assume they’re sharing a steak? 

It’s true. Not only does Nina stock her fridge with bottles of Muscle Milk, but she also eats steak all the time. When asked about her love for protein, she stated, “I think all women are a little scared of high-protein drinks at first until they actually learn about it.” She also said, “Everyone needs protein. You need it especially if you work out a lot, but even if you don’t, it’s still really important because it keeps you full and tones your muscles. A lot of women think they’re going to bulk up if they have too much, but you won’t. I’m telling you, you won’t!”

So there you have it, kids. Models who work out eat all the protein—all the time. Oh, and when asked if she gives herself a cheat meal, Nina claims she gets a frappuccino with whipped cream. Wild.


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