Nicky Hilton’s Bachelorette Party Was Exactly What You Imagined

Nicky Hilton's bachelorette party was this weekend, and like everything the Hilton sisters do, it was a phenomenal time on Instagram and a mediocre time in real life. It was a full bachelorette weekend in Miami with Nicky, Paris, and a bunch of less famous bridesmaids. They spent Saturday on a Von Dutch yacht (RIP Von Dutch trucker hats) and wore matching thigh gaps. On Saturday night, they partied at some club that Paris was DJing at, because it had been too long (read: a full 36 hours) since the spotlight was on Paris.


All aboard the SS GROOT ⚓️ #NickysBachelorette #MrsRothschild ���������� ��☀️����

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Nicky rocked her bride-to-be tiara, which she should probs get used to since she's marrying a Rothschild, the oldest of old money. The Rothschilds basically invented the summer finance internship. Nicky and Mr. Nicky are getting married at Kensington Palace aka Prince William and Kate's house, so like casual backyard wedding.




#BridesMaids #NickysBachelorette #MrsRothschild ������������

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Throwback to the first episode of The Simple Life when Nicky helped Paris pack a halter top with a cat print to wear on a farm. They grew up so fast.


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