Is Nicki Minaj Preggo?!

Saturday night Nicki Minaj threw her boyfriend a bone and let him open for her concert in Pennsylvania. That part is boring because Meek Mill succkkkkksssss (Drake forever!), but she may or may not have dropped an announcement bigger than her booty.

Upon introducing Meek Nicki said, “Make some noise for my baby father!”



She later tweeted a bunch of hysterical laughing face emojis in response to her fans’ curiosity about her possible bun in the oven.

Nicki is not a dumb betch and probably wouldn’t make the mistake of letting something like that slip. She was most likely just having a great laugh at the pandemonium she can cause by introducing her Drake-battling boyfriend in such a stupid way.

For now, let’s go with the idea that there’s no baby for Nicki and Meek. Boss lady needs to make a few more million killing it on her Pinkprint tour before letting Meek’s anaconda put her career on pause.


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