Nicki Minaj’s Ex Is Shittier Than Yours

If you thought your ex was obnoxious for sending you 2am “wyd” texts, you’re blessed compared to the shit Nicki Minaj is going through.

Before the Drake rumors and the questions of why the fuck she was wasting her time with Meek Mill, Nicki dated some dude named Safaree Samuels. They broke up a while ago, and now he’s suing her for not being credited on a bunch of her songs and for not being paid. It’s a classic situation where your ex wants everything they ever gave you back, and Safaree is somehow under the delusion that he gave Nicki her career. Like, sir, have you seen the “Anaconda” video??? How did you contribute to that?

This week, Nicki destroyed this man in a series of 19 tweets. Don’t get confused, these were not subtweets. It’s about as aggressive as she could have been other than keying his car. She wants the world to know that Safaree will not leave her or mother alone and ruined Meek Mill’s birthday (I mean, I think Meek Mill’s career ruined his birthday, but sure). I will not embed all 19 tweets because I don’t hate myself, but here are some highlights:

Anyway, Nicki is pissed that Safaree is suing her, won’t stop emailing her, and stole money from her when they were together. Emailing your ex is a whole new level of desperation followed only by connecting on LinkedIn. Besides the fact that Safaree is trying to belittle Nicki’s success and hard work, the whole thing is probably just to get publicity for his appearance on a new season of Love & Hip Hop.

Best of luck to Nicki dealing with this bullshit. Let’s pray she writes a song about it.


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